Dakota and David crossed paths in 2020 via an introduction through Juan Leija. Sharing a mutual passion for helping others they recognized the need for educating the public and providing affordable solutions for everyday grass roots people to utilize for improving overall health. Within months they teamed up and The DASH IV was founded in 2021.

During these trying times of the “COVID” era it’s easy to fall prey to FEAR due to the negative publicity and careless tactics portrayed by the media and online. After witnessing how this pandemic has taken thousands of lives while simultaneously causing a fear of living life we felt the responsibility of empowering you to take your life back! The paralysis from fear seems to have taken hold of so many people causing detrimental physical, emotional and psychological harm. Our Team at The DASH IV is here to offer solutions!

“There’s a difference in having fear and fear having you.” – Les Brown

Our goal is to assist you with improving not only your physical health, but also optimizing your emotional, spiritual and psychological health. Collectively we decided to place an emphasis on the importance of a strong community and surrounding yourself with others who lift you up! While at the same time offering therapeutic immune boosting and wellness packages to help improve your overall health! We’ve chosen to surround ourselves with others who are passionate about empowering others and want you to become part of our family!

Image of Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer

Image of Dakota Meyer
Dakota Meyer was born and raised in Columbia, KY and is a father of 2 beautiful daughters. Dakota enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2006 after graduating from Green County High School. He completed his basic training at Parris Island Recruit Training Depot later that year. In 2007 Dakota became one of the youngest school trained snipers in the Marine Corps. Dakota deployed twice to combat. For his actions on his last deployment to Afghanistan Dakota became the first living United States Marine in 41 years to receive the Medal of Honor. After leaving the military Dakota has continued his passion for serving. He became EMT certified and currently volunteers as a Firefighter with Spicewood Fire Department where he lives in Texas. He, Brandon and David share the common belief that each of us have the responsibility of leaving the world a better place than when we entered.

David Drury

David began his medical career while serving in the United States Army as a Medic. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2008. Following his undergraduate studies, David continued his education at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center serving as the class Vice President completing his Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree in 2011. Over the course of his career David has gained experience working primarily in family medicine, urgent care and wellness medicine. He has been mentored by phenomenal forward-thinking physicians in Family Medicine, Orthopedics, OB/GYN and Physiatry over the years. In 2020, David seized the opportunity to partner with like-minded physicians Dr. Justin Hogan, MD and Edward Nash, MD to found RegenHealth & Wellness here in Austin, Texas. From there, he co-founded The Dash IV with Dakota Meyer and Brandon Harrell to help his patients and the city of Austin live life to the fullest with a quality on the go IV therapy. Prior to beginning PA school, David transferred into the Texas Army National Guard receiving a direct commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, serving as an officer in the Army Medical Specialist Corps. Where he continues to serve currently as Physician Assistant for Special Operations Detachment – Africa. I feel as health care providers it’s our duty to partner with patients helping them pave a way to success.”

Brandon Harrell

Is a successful entrepreneur in Concrete construction for the last 15 years. An avid outdoorsman that can be found many weekends on the family ranch working cows or tending to chores. Brandon is an aviation enthusiast having a commercial helicopter license. Brandon partners with numerous nonprofits such as City Kids Adventures to help Inner City Kids experience the outdoors Staunch believer in leaving this world better the you found it.