Dakota, Brandon and David crossed paths in 2020 via an introduction through Juan Leija. Sharing a mutual passion for helping others they recognized the need for educating the public and providing affordable solutions for everyday grass roots people to utilize for improving overall health. Within months they teamed up and The DASH IV was founded in 2021.

During these trying times of the “COVID” era it’s easy to fall prey to FEAR due to the negative publicity and careless tactics portrayed by the media and online. After witnessing how this pandemic has taken thousands of lives while simultaneously causing a fear of living life we felt the responsibility of empowering you to take your life back! The paralysis from fear seems to have taken hold of so many people causing detrimental physical, emotional and psychological harm. Our Team at The DASH IV is here to offer solutions!


“There’s a difference in having fear and fear having you.” – Les Brown


Our goal is to assist you with improving not only your physical health, but also optimizing your emotional, spiritual and psychological health. Collectively we decided to place an emphasis on the importance of a strong community and surrounding yourself with others who lift you up! While at the same time offering therapeutic immune boosting and wellness packages to help improve your overall health! We’ve chosen to surround ourselves with others who are passionate about empowering others and want you to become part of our family!




The DASH is a representation of Life, evident by the dash between one’s date of birth and date of departure on a tombstone.

Dakota’s lifestyle and leadership brand, Own the Dash, encourages people to live their life (their dash) to the fullest everyday! In doing so, a large part of this challenge is taking care of your health! This means accurately hydrating according to your current lifestyle, properly preparing and recovering from workouts, and maintaining sufficient vitamin intake to keep crushing life.




The DASH IV sets ourselves above our colleagues in numerous ways. For starters, all of our first line employees are concurrently serving as a first responder or have previously served in the military and dedicated their lives to serving others. These folks are accustomed to trauma occupying a large portion of their time. Why wouldn’t you desire the same person you’d call in a time of dire need to be there at your convenience? The DASH IV is privileged to afford these competent healthcare workers additional employment to continue serving and connecting with their community while promoting preventive care in a relaxed and fun work environment. Our goal has been and always will remain to improve the lives of others and help combat the adverse effects which result from the stress of everyday life!

Most IV drip companies promote a cookie cutter approach requiring clients to visit an office and sign up for monthly memberships aimed at coercing people into adding additional services. At The DASH IV we understand how limited and valued your time is which is why we provide you the power to choose! Without YOU the consumer The DASH IV does not exist. For this reason we prioritize convenience and comfort offering a wide array of therapeutic IV therapy in-home, in-office and even poolside!

The Dash IV wants to make sure your needs are met and your experience is more than satisfactory. Are you having a headache? Feeling more dehydrated than usual? Worried about the upcoming pollen season? We want you to leave our care revitalized and renewed, ready to take on your next task!